Purchases Fields

This article explains the detail behind each field when raising a purchase order

Purchase Type

This is the type of spend you would like to make and is selected via the ["New Spend"] dropdown on the Spend page. There are two options when selecting this:

  • Virtual card - an order to be paid on card
  • Purchase order - an order to be paid either via external means (outside of Yordex) or to be paid with Yordex Payouts (bank payment)

One-time or recurring payment?

  • One-time payment - you expect there to be one payment associated with this order
  • Recurring payment - you expect there to be multiple payments associated with this order i.e. a payment for a monthly subscription

Payment method 

When selecting a non-card Purchase order you may be instructed to select the payment method of the order. This determines how you expect the process for settlement of funds for the order to go:

  • Own payment - payment will be made outside of Yordex
  • Yordex payouts - payment should be made using a bank transfer within Yordex


The company you are buying from or the entity providing the service.

New suppliers can be added from the Supplier ["+New Supplier"] section or by clicking ["Add new supplier"] within the supplier search bar on the new purchase page

Order description

A description of what you are buying or specific details linked to the product/service.


The invoice for the purchase if you already have it. If not, you can provide it later either by scanning it.

Or you can add it manually.


Any other attachments you want to add to the purchase.

Cost allocations

The cost centre that this purchase should be charged to.

This field may be named differently for you depending on how your company structures its cost allocations.

Line item details

More detail about what you are ordering. This is an optional field, but if the order has VAT, this is the only way to indicate how much VAT is added.

Receipt date

The date on which you expect to receive the invoice.

Payment terms

The time frame in which you will pay the supplier. For most suppliers this field will be auto-populated. See this article on payment terms and what these fields mean.