Managing Expenses with Yordex

The Yordex expenses module is the easiest way for employees to submit expenses while providing budget owners and finance teams full visibility and real-time control.

Similarly, Yordex provides a single hub to submit, review, approve, track and reimburse expenses. Allowing all employees to manage expenses in one place, no matter where they sit in the approval chain.

Expenses can be submitted in several ways, providing the employee with greater flexibility and the finance team with only one source of submissions.

As well as Yordex card expenses, Yordex manages cash, mileage and personal card expenses which can be entered either manually or by uploading a photo of the receipt which will then be OCR scanned and generate an expense. This can be done either on the desktop web app or on the native mobile app.

The Expense Process:


  • Expenses for cash, mileage or personal card payments are required to be cost allocated to a budget and have a receipt attached before they are submitted.
  • Yordex card expenses are automatically added to the expenses tab and are required to have a cost allocation and receipt added before they can be approved. This can be done via the web app or mobile app.
  • Yordex notifies users to provide receipts and automatically chases them.
  • All users are able to view their expenses under the 'My Expenses' report.


  • Once an expense is submitted, it goes through the approval process. Our default approval process and some possible options are outlined here. Please get in touch to configure your approvals to suit your work processes.
  • Approvers can query expenses using the comments function and then decide to approve, reject or edit the expense.
  • Admin users can also chase approvers to approve expenses, en-mass.
  • Approvers are able to view the expenses that need their approval under 'Expense Reports'.


  • Admin users can view all expenses in the 'All Expenses' tab under 'Expense Reports' 
  • Once an expense is approved it will then contribute to the budgets visible under the 'Reports' tab. They can also be tracked against your budgets and forecasts, as explained here.
  • Expenses paid on the Yordex card do not need reimbursement and will be marked as 'Completed' once they have been fully paid and approved. They will then be ready to sync with your accounting software, as outlined here.
  • Non-Yordex card expenses that are approved need to be reimbursed before they are marked as completed. This process is straightforward and is outlined here.
  • Admin users can view all expenses in the 'All expenses' report.