Approval rules

Yordex offers flexible approval rules which can be used to implement any approval process you want.

Default approval rules

All customers starting out with Yordex will have the same default approval rule:

  • All users can self-approve up to their approval limit, which is defined when setting up the user.
  • Purchases and expenses over the approval limit are approved by the budget owner. The budget owner is defined when setting up the budget.
  • If the budget owner doesn’t have a sufficient approval limit, the purchase/expense will also have to be approved by the budget owner's line manager. If the line manager doesn't have a sufficient approval limit, the purchase will be passed on to his line manager and so on until it reaches a user with sufficient approval limit.
  • If the budget owner doesn't have a sufficient limit but also doesn't have a line manager, the purchase/expense will be approved anyway

This same default approval process applies to expenses, virtual cards, invoices and subscriptions.

Additional approval rules

Nearly any approval rule is possible, taking into account:

  • The type of purchase/expense, e.g. different rules for expenses, stock, non-stock etc.
  • The supplier
  • The legal entity, department, project, customer or employee raising the order
  • Whether the purchase/expense is in budget or not
  • The role of the user, e.g. the CFO, CEO or Directors can approve more than other users

If you want to use a different approval process or a different process by order type, please contact us.