Company profile fields

Admin users can access the Company Profile information saved in the Yordex account here


Trading Name

The name the company is trading under. If the registered name is different you can also provide that by selecting the tickbox.

Trading Address

The company's trading address, this is the address cards will be delivered to if there is not a shipping address already saved. If the registered address is different you can also provide that by selecting the tickbox stating ["I have a different Registered Address"].

Shipping Address

This is the address you would like any cards ordered within the account to be sent to if different to the registered Trading Address. 

Company Website

The company's website

Your Order Form 

A unique name for your company. This unique name is used for the invoice inbox, the supplier boarding form and the supplier quote form.

Company Type

You will find a complete list of company types here

Registration Number
You will find the required company's registration number here depending on the country the company is based in

VAT Number

The company's VAT number

Company Ownership 

Please provide the details of all owners holding more than 25% of the shares.

Company Directors

Only required if there are any Directors in the company other than the owners stated above. These are persons who, directly or indirectly have factual control over the company without holding more than 25% of the shares and all the persons who exercise a mandate in the board of the company.

Bank Details

The company's bank details. The format will change depending on the country you chose in the Trading Address.