Approving an invoice

For virtual cardssubscriptions and Purchase Orders (POs), you have to approve the invoice separately from approving the purchase. 

For other invoices, you can immediately approve the invoice when you approve the purchase. See this article to find out how to approve a purchase. 

Approving an invoice that is correct

Find the invoice to be approved

  • You should receive an email notification that an invoice is waiting for your confirmation.
  • In the email, click ["Confirm Invoice approved"] which will take you to the purchase.
  • Scroll down the page and click ["Confirm Invoice approved"].

If you did not receive the email, you can also go to the Yordex interface and find and open the purchase.

You should only approve an invoice if you received exactly what was ordered and invoiced.

Partially paying an invoice

If you want to make a partial payment now and pay the rest later:

  • Scroll down to the invoice and click ["Partially Receive"]
  • In the modal that appears you can indicate how much you received.

Correcting the invoice

If the purchase is different from the invoice and the purchase is correct:

  • Contact your supplier for a new invoice. You can delete the incorrect invoice and provide the new invoice as before.

Correcting the purchase

If the purchase is different from the invoice and the invoice is correct:

  • Click on the purchase order you want to correct.
  • Select ["More ..."] and then ["Edit Order"].
  • You can now adjust the purchase to what you have received and approve the purchase again.
  • Other people in your company may also have to approve again.