Approving a Purchase Order

In Yordex spend can be approved as required, either by the user creating the expense or by additional approvers who can be added based on custom rules.

Who needs to approve orders is defined by your approval rules. See this article for details.

When approval is required depends on the type of order:

  • Virtual Cards, Subscriptions and Purchase Orders (PO's) require pre-approval which means they should be approved before the order is placed and created.
  • Invoices and expenses don't require pre-approval which means they can be approved after the order is placed.

Approving a purchase

If you have to approve a purchase, you should receive an email notification that a purchase is waiting for your approval:

  • In the email, click ["Approve Purchase"] which will take you to the purchase
  • Review the purchase
  • If you are satisfied with it, click ["Approve Purchase"]. If not, click ["Reject Purchase"] and provide a rejection reason

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 12.13.41

You can also always see what needs your approval from the Tasks page.