Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Some areas of our platform require two-factor authentication. This article explains where and why we ask for this.

As we operate in the financial services industry we must strive for the most secure user experience to keep you and your finances safe. As part of this, you may be required to enter a one-time passcode (OTP), which has been sent to your mobile, when performing various tasks within Yordex.

We may as for an OTP in these 3 areas:

Log in

  • We will always ask you for two-factor authentication when logging in
  • Users must be kept secure to prevent unwanted access to your financial data

Making an immediate payout

  • When selecting ["Pay now"] on the payouts page you will always be required to enter an OTP sent to your mobile
  • As a payout is a transfer of your funds, we must ensure the person making the payout has sufficient permissions/access to do so
  • Find out more about immediate payouts here

3-D Secure for transactions

  • 3D-secure authentication may be required when making transactions online
  • Yordex does not initiate these types of codes and they are often entered via the payment portal of the merchant

If you are ever unable to receive a code in any of the scenarios listed above, please contact your admin to update your mobile number. Or if you're able to log in to Yordex, you can verify your own number by following the steps in this article.