Requesting a physical Yordex card

This functionality is only available if you are an Admin user

Ordering a physical Yordex card

  • In the Yordex interface go to ["Settings" > "Cards"]
  • If you have multiple accounts select the right account from the "Account" menu
  • Click on ["+ New Card"]
  • Select the name of the user, if the user has not been created click ["+ Add New User"]
  • Ensure type is set to Physical
  • Select the Shipping Address from the dropdown or choose Custom/Other to enter it directly
  • Click ["Save"]

It will take 5-7 working days for the card to arrive in the post. The card will be fully activated, but will still need to be topped up.

Only physical cards can be created like this. Virtual cards are created by creating an order. See this article how to request a virtual card.

Topping up the master balance

Yordex cards are prepaid cards. To top them, you first need to make sure you have funds available on your master balance. How to top up your master balance is described in this article.

Once you have funds on the master balance, you can top up the physical Yordex card which is explained in this article.