Purchase and expense statuses

On Yordex you will find that every purchase and every expense has a status to indicate their stage in the approval/payment process. You will find the following statuses: 

Not submitted

A new purchase/expense has been created but has not been submitted yet. To submit an expense, ensure that the receipt is attached and a cost allocated which is described in this article. For purchases, ensure that the required fields are completed. See this article if you are having difficulties with the purchase fields.

Awaiting Approval

The purchase/expense has been submitted and is now pending approval by the approver(s). See this article to learn more about the available approval rules in Yordex. 


The expense has been recorded by Yordex but is waiting for the merchant to settle the transaction on their side. At this point, the transaction amount has been reserved on your card and therefore is unavailable for you to spend. Once the transaction is settled, the amount will be actually taken from your card. If the transaction was declined/transaction, the transaction amount will automatically be released again and will be available for spending after 15 days. 


The purchase/expense has now been approved and is awaiting payment. A subscription or recurring purchase order will remain in this state until the subscription period ends and all the monthly payments have been made. Each monthly payment will appear against the purchase under 'Payment Terms' and will have a separate payment status.


The status 'Completed' will display once a purchase/expense has been approved and the payment has been made. Refunds are also marked as 'Completed'. You will find the payment details when clicking on the purchase/expense. Yordex card purchases/expenses are automatically marked as completed when paid and approved, non-Yordex card invoices and expenses have to be marked as paid.


Expenses that have been rejected by an approver, the submitter can always reopen and resubmit the expense. When a purchase is rejected by an approver it reverts to 'Not Submitted' for the submitter to revise based on the approves comment.  Rejected expenses will not be synced with your accounting system.


Purchases/expenses are marked as 'Cancelled' when they have been cancelled at any stage of the approval process.