Purchase Order Statuses Explained

Like purchases, payment events in Yordex all have a status. These can be any of the following:

  • Not Submitted or awaiting approval.
  • To be confirmed
  • Awaiting payment
  • Completed
  • Awaiting invoice
  • Disputed
  • Cancelled or rejected

Not Submitted or awaiting approval:

  • All payment events start as Not submitted, this means the event before has not been completed. Each event must be completed before the next.

To be confirmed:

  • The payment event is waiting to be confirmed. How it is confirmed depends on the supplier payment terms. For example, the event could be confirmed when the goods have been received or when the invoice has been uploaded and approved.
  • Events in 'For Confirmation' can also be partially received to indicate that only some of the goods/services have been received.

Awaiting payment:

  • The payment due date has passed without the event being marked as paid and the supplier is still waiting for payment.
  • To mark an event as paid see this article
  • Payment due indicates that goods have been received against the PO and the payment is due to be made. This is based on the payment due date, which is the receipt date set when raising the PO with the payment terms added.
  • For instance, if the receipt date is 01/01/20 and the payment terms are 30 Days, the payment due date will be set at 31/01/20.


  • Completed payment events have had the goods received and have also been paid. They do not have to have an invoice unless invoices are set as mandatory. Contact us to set them as mandatory.

Awaiting Invoice:

  • If invoices are set as mandatory and the payment has been made, then the event will be 'Waiting for Invoice' until it is provided.


  • The expense has been disputed and is awaiting progress.

Cancelled or rejected:

  • This expense has not been accepted by the line manager or approver that has reviewed it.