Making a single payment on a Virtual Card

On Yordex

  • In the Yordex interface, go to the ["Spend"] menu
  • Click on ["+ New Spend"]
  •  Select "Virtual card" if you want to generate a virtual Yordex card or "Purchase order" if you will be paying with other means, not a Yordex card.

Order Types

  • "One-Off" you will only use this virtual Yordex card for a single payment
  • "Subscription" you will use this virtual Yordex card for a subscription. See this article for more details about subscriptions

Complete the form and approve the order

  • Complete the rest of the form. Details about each field can be found here.
  • When you're ready, click on ["Submit order"]. You can also "Save as a Draft" to complete it later
  • Once you've approved your order, you may have to wait for an approval from someone else in your company

Make the payment

  • You should receive an email notification once your order has been approved
  • In the email, click ["Get Card Details"]
  • Alternatively, you can also go to the Yordex interface, open the order and click on ["View details"]
  • Card details will be displayed. You can now use this card to pay online

One-Time Use

Next steps

You are done for now.

Once the invoice start coming in you should upload the invoice and then approve the invoice.