The Tasks Page

To get the most out of Yordex, the system requires users to perform certain tasks, such as approving expenses or matching invoices to purchases.

The tasks page helps keep track of these and has up to seven tabs from which users can perform certain actions. However, not all tabs will be visible to all users based on their account settings and permissions. The seven tabs are:

  • Purchases - From this tab users can approve Purchases and approve invoices/confirm events.
  • Expenses - This tab allows users to approve and submit expenses.
  • Missing invoices - From here users can upload invoices to Purchases that require them.
  • Unmatched invoices - Users can match scanned invoices to Purchases or Expenses that are missing them.
  • Payouts - Finance users can view and approve supplier payments made from Yordex.
  • Own Payments - Here finance can mark spend that has not been paid by Yordex as paid.
  • Accounting - Finance can use this tab to sync spend with Xero, or mark it as synced if they do not use Xero.

For more detail on each action:

  • Approve a Purchase, approving a purchase submitted by another user.
  • Confirm an event, each purchase has a number of events, such as 'Goods Received', these can be confirmed from the tasks page. If the event amount needs to be updated see 'Partially paying an invoice'.
  • Approve an invoice, this is the same as confirming an event.
  • Approve an expense submitted by another user.
  • Submit an expense by adding the receipt and cost allocations.
  • Upload an invoice by selecting a Purchase and uploading the invoice to a payment event.
  • Match unmatched invoices. Invoices sent to your invoice inbox ( will be auto-matched with your Expenses and Purchases. If the system cannot match them they will appear under Tasks. To match them click on the invoice and follow the steps outlined here.
  • Approving a payout, approving a payment to a supplier from an already approved Purchase.
  • Marking transactions as paid, after exporting to your accounting system the transactions that were paid from your accounting system rather than by Yordex need to be marked as paid.
  • Marking transactions as synced, after exporting to your accounting system the transactions that were imported need to be marked as synced to ensure they are not exported again.