Information that cannot be synced to Xero

We do not sync the following information with Xero:

  • Transfers into the Yordex account: Transfers you make from your own account to the Yordex account are not pushed into Xero by us. You will need to book them yourself.
  • Payments for non-card transactions: it is possible to manage purchase orders, invoices and expenses that were not made on a Yordex card in Yordex. For these, you have to arrange payment yourself. You will also have to mark the purchase or expense as paid manually in Yordex at the moment.
  • Chart of accounts ("cost allocations" in Yordex): The reason is that typically your employees will only assign costs to a small subset of your accounts and we do not wish to confuse them by presenting the entire list. Another reason is that in Yordex, cost allocations can be organised by department, customer, location etc to help you manage your budgets and that information is not available in Xero.


You can also find some further information on syncing transactions to Xero here