User fields

These are fields that need to be completed when adding a new user in the User Management section of the account.


Line manager

The line manager of this user. This is an optional field and will only be used for approvals rules.

Approval limit

The maximum order or expense amount this user is allowed the sign off without an approver.

Expense currency and receipt threshold 

The default currency in which this user's expense and purchases will be entered.

The receipt threshold allows you to make receipts optional for this user up until the amount specified. Above this amount, receipts will be mandatory. 

Approval role

Any special roles in the approval process. For example Directors, the CFO or the CEO can have special approval privileges.


There are two main roles in Yordex: Standard and Admin.

Admin users can do everything and see all purchases, expenses, cards and budgets. Standard users can only see what they raise or have to approve and only their budgets and cards. Usually, only employees in the finance team need to be Admins.

'View-only permissions' can also be selected at the same time as Standard and Admin. This just means that they will not be able to make any changes to the account.

Default cost allocation

The selected department, project, team or customer will be set as default for this user's purchases and expenses. The user will still be able to change this when entering a new expense or purchase. 


If you would like to add or remove a user field to your account please reach out to your Customer Success Manger, as they will be able to process this for you.


You can also find some further detail on adding users to Yordex here