Managing multiple Yordex accounts

It's possible to manage independent Yordex accounts with separate configurations. This article explains this process

When managing the finances of multiple legal entities, it may be the case that a separate Yordex account per entity is the best approach.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Multiple accounts allow you to maintain different configurations across different entities
  • Areas such as approval structure, cost allocations and suppliers can be kept and maintained entirely separate
  • POs, expenses and transactions can be exported on a per-entity basis
  • Yordex cards and bank accounts are specific to each account

Adding users to multiple accounts

  • Adding users to accounts who already exist within another is the same process as described here
  • Once added, your user will receive an email informing them they've been added to a new Yordex account
  • Once logged in, your user will be able to flick between the accounts they're a member of via the drop-down in the top left of their platform (see screenshot below)

If you think this seems suitable for your entity structure and would like to introduce a new Yordex account to your configuration - please speak with your customer success manager.