Making a payment with a physical card

Yordex physical cards can be used like any other debit card anywhere VISA is accepted. Payments can be made using contactless or chip and pin.

There may be three steps to complete when making a Yordex physical card payment, dependant on your pre-planned usage of the card with an admin/manager.

  1. Make the payment at a terminal or online.
  2. Following this if requested by your admin or managers. On the Yordex interface, go to ["Spend"]. Click on your expense and assign the cost allocation for the expense and upload a photo or PDF of the receipt by selecting "+Add Receipt".
  3. Your manager will be notified to approve the expense.


If you are making a payment with you Yordex Physical card for the first time you will need to use it for a chip and PIN transaction first. This can be at an ATM to withdraw cash, check your balance etc or in a shop's card reader. This will activate the card's ability to be used for contactless payments.