Adding New Suppliers

From the Suppliers page

To create a new supplier on the Supplier page

  • On the Yordex interface, go to ["Suppliers"]
  • Click ["+ New Supplier"]
  • Complete the form. Details about each field can be found on this article
  • Click ["Create Supplier"] to save the supplier

The Suppliers page can be customised and we can also implement a supplier approval process. Please contact us to set this up.


From the Orders page

If your admin has enabled this setting you can create a new supplier on the Purchases page as below:

  • On the Yordex interface, go to ["Purchases"]
  • Click ["+ New Purchase"]
  • Click on the "Seller" drop down and type the name of your supplier
  • In the drop down menu, the field "Supplier name (New)" will appear. For example, if you typed ACME as your supplier, you will now see "ACME (New)" on the list. Click on this field to add the new supplier.

Creating a supplier this way will create the Contact but with their company name only. To enter more details you can update the supplier in the Contacts section.