Top up cards in bulk

Topping up multiple cards at once is an easy way to ensure they have enough funds without setting them to auto-top up.

To top up multiple cards at once:

  • From the Yordex interface go to "Cards" and select "Import"
  • Then click "Sample card top up CSV file." to download a template containing your cards and their current balances.
  • In the downloaded file update the topUp column to be the amount you would like to top the card up by and save it as a CSV file.
  • If you would like to remove funds from a card simply put a negative number in the topUp column.
  • To import the file to Yordex select "Upload File" and choose the updated CSV file.
  • When the file has been uploaded select "Upload Card Top Ups" to top up the cards. You will receive a digest email if any top-ups failed.
  • Lastly, refresh the page to see the updated card balances.