Cardholder Terms of Service - FAQs

Yordex is now requesting all cardholders in the US accept our terms of service before raising any new cards. See below why we've implemented this change.

When is this required?

If a user has not been issued a USD card previously, all cards new created for that user after 15/03/23 will require the user to accept the terms of service.

How do I accept these terms?

If your user belongs to a Yordex account that has an active USD bank account we will display a window for you to accept the terms when you log in via the mobile or web app:


I already have a USD card, will I be affected?

This change is only for new cardholders, if you have an existing USD Yordex card you will not experience any interference.

Who's terms am I accepting?

We're requesting you accept the cardholder terms provided by the bank that issues the card. Yordex works with a number of banking partners and, dependent on your use-case, the partner we choose to onboard our customers can vary. However, the partner bank will always be listed on the terms page header.

Why is this happening now?

This is a new requirement being enforced in the US. Issuing banks are requesting all cardholders acknowledge and accept their terms of service.

Do I have to accept these terms?

You will not be forced to accept these terms, however, in order for cards to be issued against your Yordex user you must accept them. If you wish to decline the terms but continue to use Yordex, please speak to your Customer Success manager about other ways Yordex can service you, without using US card issuing.

I am an API customer, what changes do I need to make?

If you are using Yordex APIs and your users are not expected to access the Yordex UI you may create/update users' terms acceptance details via API. Be aware, you MUST expose these terms to your users outside of Yordex before you create the user with accepted terms.

We have updated our documentation with the POST and PATCH requests you need to perform these requests. See also our user creation guide.

My users don't use the Yordex interface, can I accept on their behalf?

Currently, if you are not an API Yordex customer the user must accept these terms in the interface before you can order a card for them. Support for users being created via CSV in bulk will be added in the coming weeks.