Purchase Order Events Explained

Every purchase order in Yordex, whether linked to a virtual card or not, has payment events. These payment events help to keep track of invoices, when the payment is due and if the goods (or services) have been received.

An easy way to think about payment events is that each payment event should link to an invoice as each event relates to a payment and receipt of goods. A purchase order can have many payment events.

Payment Events Overview

All purchase orders start with only one payment event that records the total sum of the order. If the order is not recurring and the goods are all received at once, then the purchase order will only ever need one payment event.

However, multiple payment events are created in the following circumstances.

For non-recurring, non-Yordex card Purchase Orders:

If the goods have not been received at the same time the payment event can be split by clicking 'Partially Receive'. This allows you to enter the amount received until now and will create a second event with the amount to be paid as the remaining amount yet to be received.

For recurring, non-Yordex card Purchase Orders:

Every time you add an invoice to the payment event it will create a new event in the spend page for the remaining balance. 

For Yordex card Purchase Orders:

Every time a payment is made on the virtual card a payment event will be created against that purchase order.


You can find a list of the events created within an order by opening the order and clicking on the 'Transactions' tab:

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 14.33.15


The events will be listed like the below:


Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 14.33.22


Payment Event Statuses

There are multiple statuses an event can have. However, below are the three you will see most often:

  • To be Confirmed: Meaning that something within the order needs to be confirmed. Whether this is confirmation that the requested Payout is fine to go ahead or if the uploaded invoice matches the event. 
  • Awaiting Payment: The system is waiting for a payment to be debited from a Yordex card, a Payout to be sent or the event to be manually marked as 'paid' for Own Payment orders.  
  • Completed: The event within the order has been completed. If the order is recurring then a new event will be created with the status 'To be Confirmed'.