Expense Reports

Expense Reports allow you to track who has to approve expenses as well as expenses per user. In addition, customised reports such as 'Expenses requiring approval from Anna Smith' for example and 'All Yordex card expenses' can also be created. To set up customised reports, please contact us

All Expenses

The 'All Spend' view shows all expenses you have submitted or need to approve. If you are an admin this view shows all other expenses in the system as well. This report can be filtered by clicking 'Filter By Status' or 'Filter By Date Range'. 

Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 16.45.16


To view all expenses:

  • On the Yordex interface, go to the ["Spend"] page. This will load all spend coming through the Yordex account you are logged in for. 
  • You then have the options to select to only view ["Expenses], ["Recurring"] and ["Purchase Order"]. 

My Expenses

If you are a Standard user this page only displays expenses that you have submitted. This page can be filtered by clicking 'Filter By Status' or 'Filter By Date Range'.

However if you are logged in as an Admin user you will see all spend within the account (however your view permissions may also affect this). To see just your own spend you can filter by user and select 'Me'.


Screenshot 2023-03-13 at 16.49.27

To find all expenses raised by a specific user

  • On the Yordex interface, go to ["Spend"] page.
  • Type in the user's name and you can search through their expenses.