Editing Tax

The tax can be edited on one-off purchases per line item. For recurring purchases, the tax is applicable to the whole purchase as these do not have line items.

To edit the tax before submitting:

  • Navigate to the purchase
  • Find the line item you want to edit
  • You can select the Currency option under 'Taxes' (in the case below this is GBP) and the ability to change to a percentage will appear.

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 12.36.25

  • Enter the VAT in your chosen currency or percentage, then the system will calculate the Total amount. 

The taxes for this line item will now be saved as input. Please note, the tax rate for this line item will be the one nearest to the mapped %. For example, if the taxes are £20.43 for a £100 item and the nearest tax code is mapped to 20% then that tax code will be used for this line item.