Do you offer a credit line?

Yes, we do!

We offer a flexible credit line for up to 150 days to fund your purchases of up to £3M or equivalent in EUR or USD.

You are eligible for this credit line if the annual revenue of your business is more than £1M, you have a tangible net worth over £100,000, and a healthy trading record for at least two years.

The credit line can only be used for payments made via the Yordex platform and cannot be withdrawn to your own bank account. This also means you cannot pay suppliers that you part-own using this credit line.

The credit line offers a quick, unsecured lending solution with a higher credit limit and extended repayment terms. It is intended to help you reduce your working capital needs and simplify the management of cash balances. It can also be used to pay suppliers early or pay supplier deposits. 

You do not need to fund all Yordex payments from this credit line. You can also use the credit line to fund some of your payments while still prefunding other payments yourself.

You can repay us within 150 days, along with interest accrued on the line, in your local currency at a rate pre-decided and mentioned in your contract with us. Interest is quoted per-30-day basis and applied daily following a minimum 30-day period. For example, if you use £100,000 of financing at 1% per 30 days and repay after 150 days, you will repay £105,000. If you repay after 60 days, you will repay £102,000.

Business lending is offered by Yordex in partnership with Ebury and the credit line is underwritten by Ebury. 

Ebury is majority owned by Banco Santander and has almost 15 years experience supporting the international business community. Ebury  are regulated
by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, meaning your funds are always
safe and secure.