Cost allocation fields

Account Code

The Account Code for this cost allocation. This field is is also known as the GL Code or Cost Centre code. It is used when synchronising with your accounting system.

Cost Allocation Name

The name of this cost allocation. This is how cost allocations will be displayed in to users when they have to select the right cost allocation.

If you want the Account Code to be shown to users, for example, you want to show users something like "412 - Consulting", you should repeat the Account Code again in this field.


The currency of this cost allocation.

If you use cost allocation hierarchies, the currency of this cost allocation has to be the same as the currency of the parent cost allocation

Cost allocation owner

The person responsible for approving spend made against this cost allocation

Company / Department / Project / Customer

Cost allocations can be organised in hierarchies up to four levels. If that is set up for you, these fields will also be shown.